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Our HCP Support Call Center can provide support from the start

Benefits Verification
Verify patient’s insurance plan coverage details
Prior Authorization Requirements
Provide payer-specific prior authorization forms
Specialty Pharmacy Triage
Identify if there is a payer-mandated pharmacy to cover prescription fulfillment

An Access Specialist can provide coverage and access support

Support from your Access Specialist includes:

  • Assisting when your office initiates a prior authorization and guiding through the appeals process
  • Educating on payer requirements and required documentation
  • Answering questions about the fulfillment process

Your Amgen representative can connect you to your Access Specialist

Financial Support

Do your patients have questions about their Amgen medication costs?

Information is available on resources that may help your patients with their out-of-pocket costs, regardless of financial or insurance status.

Patients with commercial or private insurance may be eligible to lower the out-of-pocket costs of their prescription with the Amgen SupportPlus Co-Pay Programs.

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Nurse Partners*

Would your patients benefit from having extra support while establishing a treatment routine?

Nurse Partners are available for patients who want additional support.

Nurse Partners can provide:

  • Supplemental injection education and support
  • Guidance on resources that may help lower out-of-pocket medication costs
  • Assistance to help patients stay on track with their medication

*Nurse Partners are nurses by training, but they are not part of a patient’s treatment team or an extension of their doctor’s office. Nurse Partners will not inject patients with Amgen medications. Patients will be referred to their doctor’s office for clinical advice.

How to request resources for your office and patients

Complete the applicable form and fax it to 1-833-626-5384.
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HCP Request Form HCP Request Form

We can provide benefits verification, prior authorization requirements, and specialty pharmacy triage

Amgen SupportPlus
Patient Request Form Patient Request Form

We can contact your patients to start their Amgen SupportPlus enrollment

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