ENBREL® HCP Patient Support Program & Resources
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ENBREL® (etanercept)

Support and resources that can help your patients get started
and stay on therapy as prescribed

Resources for healthcare professionals


HCP Resources

We have a range of tools and information that can help patients who have been prescribed ENBREL.

Resources for your patients


Patient resources and support

Discover resources designed to help your patients understand and access their Amgen® medication, including Amgen® Nurse Partners,* financial support information, and more.

Helpful downloads

Amgen SupportPlus HCP
Request Form

Amgen SupportPlus HCP Request Form
Request assistance with benefits verification, prior authorization requirements, and specialty pharmacy triage.

Amgen SupportPlus

Amgen SupportPlus Patient Request Form
Our comprehensive program provides personalized patient support and helpful resources for Amgen therapies, including: financial support, Amgen Nurse Partners, HCP Support Center, and Access Specialist.

*Amgen Nurse Partners are only available to patients that are prescribed certain Amgen products. They are not part of your patient’s treatment team and do not provide medical advice, nursing, or case management services. Amgen Nurse Partners will not inject patients with Amgen medications. Patients should always consult their healthcare provider regarding medical decisions or treatment concerns.

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